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Dela Fotoohi RP

Dela Fotoohi

Specializing in addiction, immigration stress, caregiver burnout, depression, anxiety, and trauma, I emphasize active listening, non-judgment, and collaborative strategies to uncover causes and navigate challenges. Whether you are experiencing personal challenges or struggling within your relationships, I will help you identify the solutions.
If you are ready to take the first step toward a more fulfilling and balanced life, reach out. I will be there to listen, to help you explore, self-reflect and discover your power and greatness. I bring my passion and enthusiasm, and I ask that you bring your willingness to start living the life you desire.

English, Farsi & French


Your treatment journey is as unique as you are. Your mind and body are interconnected and your well-being encompasses your emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual health. For this reason, I rely on a variety of modalities and an integrative style of working with you based on your needs.


A simple 20-minutes free call is all it takes to have your questions answered and determine if we're the right fit. Because you deserve a "life worth living!"

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