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Nikita Solanke

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hindi, Marathi & English

My primary focus is on helping individuals who are grappling with anxiety, personal and professional stress, university pressures, relationship challenges, low spirits, life changes, confidence building, self-esteem enhancement, and parenting. While I do work with children, I am unable to offer this service in a virtual setting. I create a safe & inclusive space for my clients so they can share their stories. I am deeply committed to assisting individuals in unlocking their full potential and guiding them towards becoming the best version of themselves. I highly value the therapeutic alliance, respect, non-judgmental listening, and empathy.


I like to understand their goals & explore their strengths. I believe therapy is a collaborative process to move towards well being. I have an integrative approach to therapy that means I use different approaches depending on what best suits my client's needs.


A simple 20-minutes free call is all it takes to have your questions answered and determine if we're the right fit. Because you deserve a "life worth living!"

+1-647-367-7788 ext.104

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