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Behrang Ajam

Behrang Ajam

Registered Psychotherapist

Farsi & English

Drawing on over a decade of counseling and therapeutic expertise, I specialize in assisting individuals, couples, immigrants, refugees, and others in navigating a spectrum of challenges. From anxiety and depression to issues of self-esteem and relationship dynamics, my comprehensive approach addresses diverse concerns.

As a Certified Trauma Professional, I am dedicated to addressing a range of trauma-related mental health challenges, encompassing PTSD, complex trauma, developmental issues, and childhood traumas.


I use a wide variety of treatment and therapy modalities to help my clients overcome their life challenges as well as mental health issues. When dealing with marriage and relationship issues, having a new child, a new job, moving to a new country, or dealing with your teen, a therapist may help you to be and do your best. That’s what I do !


A simple 20-minutes free call is all it takes to have your questions answered and determine if we're the right fit. Because you deserve a "life worth living!"

+1-647-367-7788 ext.101

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